The Best ways to find & Hire a Mobile Game development Team

30 Jan The Best ways to find & Hire a Mobile Game development Team

So, you have a new game idea & looking to hire a Remote Mobile Game Development team. What will be your first steps for finding a reliable & professional team of Game Developers. Below are the most common way where clients starts there search:

  1. Freelancing Portals like (, Freelancer, ) etc:

Surely these portals are the most efficient & easy ways to check the developers history, reviews for there previous jobs and skill set they have. You can find very good freelancers or Agencies at very cheap price BUT at which cost?

80% of the clients & Freelancers have negative experiences while working with freelancing portals. They have very complex policies that you may not be aware. Obviously no one have time to read a 300 pages disclaimers & policies and that will make a very negative impact on your Game if you have any conflicts in middle of production of a game. So I must say.. It’s better to avoid this


2.  Referral Networks & Personal Recommendations:

I can say its surely the best way for building an initial trust. If you have a friend, colleagues or Family members who hired a Company for there similar task so this is the most safe & efficient way to know about there skills before hiring a Game development team.

The problem is that peoples who don’t belongs to Gaming Industry rarely have such type of contacts or references from where they can find a Good company to work with


3. Try to Find on Search Engines:

This is the most common method we all use every time when tying to find something on internet. You can find & Hire a good Game Development Studio by searching on search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo etc. Simply drop an Inquiry and there Business Analysts will get in touch with you shortly.

To ensure there skill sets &  experience in Gaming Industry you can check right away there portfolio links. Soon you can have an idea that is it the right Game Development Company you are looking to hire.


A question arises every time that why you should outsource the Project instead of hiring any local developer where the vote of confidence is higher. There are many parameters which make it suitable hiring a remote game development team. 1) Quality 2) Cost Efficient 3) Flexible Hiring Models & Many more..


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