Water Polo Shots 3D

Experience water polo like you have never before and stay completely dry! Suitable for all ages and experience levels come and engage in a breath taking shoot-out like never before! You can even change from shooter to goalkeeper to make sure your team wins!The game enables you to completely personalize your experience from selecting female or male player, your togs, swimsuit, caps to stadium you wish to play in from a selection of pools from around the world.

Optimize your player by putting them through training and collect points along the way. The more points, the stronger the player/goalkeeper become!





Dogergjiki Multi Player Board Game

Dogergjiki is based on an ancient Roman Game Nine Men Morris. Dogergjiki have different game play modes with several possibilities & strategies to defeat your opponent. It a fun to play strategic board game.



Run Lloyd Run – Boxing Game 

The most modern and successful fight tactics used by top fighters have been incorporated into this game. Use Lloyd to dodge all of your opponent’s strikes and hug at any time that you feel vulnerable. Collect all money to advance to the next level. Use objects to help defeat the enemies. Run and hug your way to victory!



Nine Men Morris – Multi Player Board Game

9 Men Morris FANTASY is an ancient Roman board game.

We tried to make it a bit on Fantasy theme to improve the game play experience.

Nine Men’s Morris is a strategy board game for two players that emerged from the Roman Empire The game is also known as Nine Man Morris, Mill, Mills, The Mill Game, Merels, Merrills, Merelles, Marelles, Morelles and Ninepenny Marl in English. The game has also been called Cowboy Checkers and is sometimes printed on the back of checkerboards. Nine Men’s Morris is a solved game in which either player can force the game into a draw.