Dragon Invaders 'A MMORPG Strategic Game'

Cubical Hub LLC was established in 2017 before that we were technical service providers for the gaming Industry 5+ years (Game developer & designers). (Weldon "Wes" Smith) and my partner Sagar Medhekar have over 30 years experience in Tabletop, Mobile, Online, Console and Virtual Reality gaming.While working on other projects for Nitendo, Virtual Reality, Augmented, Steam, Unity and others we realized we must switch to a product based studio other then service based. We understood that a game like this needed funds so we kept working our day jobs to push it along. We started the production of Dragon invaders multiple times and have achieved many working features . So after 2 years of efforts we concluded that Dragon Invaders is ready to present to the masses, with ease of controls and straight forward game play we hope players find Dragon Invaders engaging and fun. This is where you come in.

Game Links : https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dragon-invaders-a-mmorpg-strategic-game#/

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