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3D Game Development

We all know 3D games are on their highest peak these days & surely provide a very rich user experience. When it comes to Third Person Shooter, First Person Shooter, Endless running games, we all need 3D games. We deliver high quality solutions for 3D games

Mobile & Desktop Game Development

App stores like Google Play, iTunes, Windows Phone contribute a large number of mobile users, and the number is in Billions. In last few years number of Mobile game players raised at much more rate than expected. If you have an idea about next Big thing in Mobile game industry, we love to hear back from you.

2D Game Development

In the Mobile gaming word, we must say 2D games are something that no one can beat. The most successful games in the industry are based on 2D. We develop & deploy high quality 2D games for all the app stores.

Training & Educational Simulations

Today many big organizations use a 3D simulations for educational & training purposes. Other then gaming the technology is highly scalable to create a great simulation either for Airline Industry, Medical Industry, Train & Bus driving & many more sectors. With a one time cost for developing a simulation we have recorded an excellent ROI for the same.

We Make Awesome Games & Simulations


3D Multi Player Sports GAme
Unity 3D Simulation

What We Do

Cubical Hub is a Game development company, serving start-ups as well as mid-size to large corporations. We offer a flexible blend of onsite, offsite and offshore services with our expert software professionals. We believe in deep client relationships. Cubical Hub provides latest cutting edge technology to provide a more secure and enjoyable experience to people looking for easy and affordable software solutions specifically for gaming Industry. With experience in latest game development engines like Unity 3D, Unreal Engine we provide exceptional software outsourcing services and solutions to firms worldwide. Whether you want a special skill set for a one-time project, or you need to reinforce your in-house IT team on an ongoing basis, the talented technology professionals at Cubical Hub are fully prepared to fulfil rather exceeding your wants.